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A Chorus of Stones – Susan Griffin

[I will insert this into the pieces, maybe as a preface, or otherwise as separate quotes along the way….] Susan Griffin’s A Chorus of Stones is the most powerful book I’ve ever read. It was a major influence in my decision to write my story of this war and its impacts on a few lives. A few excerpts: –-pg. 32 There are events in our lives that we cannot understand because we keep a part of what we know away Continue Reading ››


I’m going thru the War Journal again, re-editing all the chapters and pieces, opening everything up to public, thinking about some kind of approach to publishing it all. Not sure what direction I’ll take, but am open to suggestions. I came across this bit that I like a lot, so thought I’d put it out here, maybe entice some casual readers to delve into the whole thing. This is from “Desperado Connection” – Ch. 3 of The Trip, the story Continue Reading ››

An Introduction…

I have significantly revised the Introduction, so I’m posting it here for those who may have begun reading earlier without the benefit of an introduction! [The Pages listed in the dropdown are the chapters/pieces of my book, which is now complete except for this Introduction, though all are still subject to revision and possible reordering. I will try to note in posts if I change anything.] A War Journal My Encounter with Empire: Vietnam INTRODUCTION In the first half of Continue Reading ››


Welcome. The journey may be rocky, but we’re all in this wagon together. This is a vehicle for posting chapters of my book as they get written and edited. If you’re here to read, the chapters are posted as pages under the parent page “A War Journal” – the working title of my book. Thanks for making the effort, and I hope you find it interesting, perhaps even edifying. If you’re willing to make comments, I’d appreciate it. You need Continue Reading ››