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Welcome. The journey may be rocky, but we’re all on this path together.

[NOTE: If you are returning to the site, I’ve updated the Theme so tho things look different the function is much the same, except that you only see the list of Chapters (Pages) in A War Journal when you hover over the “War Journal” dropdown in the list across the page just under the main title block. To get back to the Posts, click on the main title – A War Journal – at the very top of the page. Other Pages are listed across to the right of the dropdown. Also, if I’m understanding things correctly, I’ve turned off Registration, so you won’t be able to become a registered user. Too much spam.]

This site is a vehicle for posting chapters of my book about my experiences with entering – and departing from – the US Air Force, including a tour in Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Thailand) during what we persist in calling “the Vietnam War” despite the fact that it was simply one of many examples of US attempts to extend its Empire into the rest of the world.

The chapters (WordPress calls them Pages) are listed in the dropdown under “A War Journal” in the links that run across the page just under the main title. They are also listed in a right-side menu if you go to an individual post, such as “Done?”

There are currently several other writings – including a short story, “Katherine and Serena” – posted here, which may soon move to another site. The comments on dhamma practice which were here earlier have been moved to another site, Shunyata’s Apprentice, which you can go to by clicking on the name in the dropdown list across the top.

The site is primarily the book, with the chapters  posted as Pages under the parent page “A War Journal” – the working title of my book.  The ‘War Journal’ Page also has some introductory remarks, in the process of becoming an actual Introduction. Thanks for making the effort, and I hope you find it interesting, perhaps even edifying.

In addition, I will post things in the weblog category “On writing” about the process of writing and any information about changes to the order or new pieces of the book.

I would love to have comments. (The ‘Comments’ feature apparently only works if you go to the Pages via the Archives or the Categories.) I need feedback! Thanks! To register as a user, click on the Login button (at the top?) and then the Register link below the login slots.

All the pieces are now password-free, so should be simpler for folks to read. I’m thinking of doing a self-publish thing so feedback is good! If you have comments but don’t want to leave them here, just e-mail me at <> . Or visit me on Facebook… but I’m not a very reliable presence on Facebook!