Writing as sculpture

Writing is much like sculpture. You have all these grand ideas in your head as to how the thing will look, or read, and that it will be beautiful and flowing… but the process of realizing them is a slow chipping away, tiny modifications, tedious re-working and re-working… In sculpture, one of the hardest parts is getting the piece you’re working on strapped down and solid so that you can carve or chip on it without it moving around. The Continue Reading ››

A new energy

After several years of languishing in despair and denial, I am back to the process of finishing this work. I have updated my WordPress and edited a few of the entries in A War Journal, and will continue to work through, editing the old pieces and adding new ones ’til this is done. If there is in fact, even an end to the story….

Lojong #11: When the world is filled with evil, transform all mishaps into the path of bodhi

POINT 3, TRANSFORMATION OF BAD CIRCUMSTANCES INTO THE PATH – BUILDING THE PARAMITAS OF PATIENCE & GENEROSITY…. Whatever occurs in your life can be transformed into a part of your wakefulness. The way to do this is to incorporate the obstacles, the distractions, the difficulties… make them the substance of your practice. Whatever is hardest for you is the thing from which you can benefit most…

Another year away…

Just visiting the blog site – a rare event, as I am so busy most of the time – and noticed that it’s been one year and one day since I last posted. Wish I could say that I have some great and profound realization to share from this year of contemplation, but it seems the things I was saying then are yet true. The self is my undoing, the attachment to its successes and failures my torment, and the Continue Reading ››

A story

I’ve added a short story, Serena and Katherine. I developed the story from a short piece I wrote during the summer intensive with Southern Writing Project several years back. It’s entirely fictional and I have no idea where it came from or what it’s about. It’s just a story. It was fun to write and I think it’s fun to read. Hope you’ll try and like it! (Would love some feedback on this….)

New Directions…

I’m thinking of posting some other writing here… a couple of short stories, maybe some more serious stuff – essays, probably on Buddhist topics. I’m also working on adding some pages to the book project – probably rewrites of the next Chapter of the Trip sequence. Am hoping to get some exchange going with my dear friend L., who’s also working on a book…

On the scans….

The two documents I scanned in come up very large in the blog version. Can’t figure out how to control that, yet. You can scroll around and see the whole thing, but you can also click on it and it will go to the original document – opens it in the same window – and you can see the whole thing. Then you have to hit your browser’s back arrow to get back to the blog. I included these documents Continue Reading ››

Falling thru…

Fall has been slow in the writing department. There have been lots of other things going on, but not much progress on the book. I have written two articles for the Golden Islander, and may do more of that, but my focus has been on Giana, the kids, the pottery, the Vipassana center… generally on ploughing through this deep, mucky section of life’s field that has come with the Fall season. Have been considering depositing some of my other writing Continue Reading ››

Lots of new stuff!

Working hard this week, got several new drafts posted. These are mostly things I had in very rough form already and have been cleaning up, organizing, revising and trying to decide how they all fit together. All center around the arrival home and going to England AFB, beginning the process of refusal. Having some problem figuring out how to insert a scan – it’s there, but won’t scale down to right size… maybe I can get one of my genius Continue Reading ››